A tympani cleaves into the side of M101,
where an intruder has punched the galaxy.
Ribs of a different color spray out in
the event's tympani aftermath

Image 1

A histogram
image of M101 shows
a band of amplified density
waves extending east from the
region where the impact
created the tympani

Image 2

Images 1
2 combined in
realization of cause
and effect, that the event which
caused the tympani also 'amplified' gravity
waves at that region of M101, the amplified waves
appearing thicker, farther apart, bolder, and short.
The next realization was to see if a trace could
be made of an incoming intruder to cause
the rucus, and it turns out there
is, as shown in images 3, 4, 5


Amplification and cross harmonic resonance properties in
gravity waves can be used to piece together a fragment of
a galaxy's evolution


On the
track of a
large impacting
intruder, whose 'event'
is recorded in 'loud' signals
left behind in a change in
state of gravity waves

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 1 ... a tympani is exposed on the right flank of M101
Image 2 ... a high enhancement of that area shows thicker waves
Image 3 ... a zoom in blue color tone shows forceful gravitic excitment
Image 4 ... a second zoom shows an excited gravitic band crossing offscreen
Image 5 ... a third zoom shows excited gravitic broadening curving up over the top

Title of Amethyst Star Family song (1972)


The excitement
peters out in partial
chaotic disturbances of higher
frequency drifting above the top, but
no broad band of amplfied lower frequency states.
Here the intruder trail is lost. It seems the intruder arced
in on the right and impacted, sending new shock waves up the right
flank perhaps in concert with a motion of M101 if rotating clockwise
such that the top flank has been rotating and impacting into the
amplified excited states beyond the galaxy matter field caused
by the intruder and impact event, assuming the gravitic sea
itself does not revolve in synchoronous time with the
galaxy. However, an ssumption made in evaluating
the Andromeda Bullseye gravitics suggests
that gravity waves grow in terms of
thickness and valley widths
where an object
is moving
away, and waves
concentrate at the foreward
edges (moire compression) where an
object is moving into an area. In this case
all of the gravitics seen in Image 8 are consistent
with real counter clockwise rotation for galaxy
M101. The gravitic sea lives in its own ether
(so to speak) independent of the galaxy's
existence, the two fundamental forces
(galaxy's gravity mass), and
(gravitic vibrations),
interract where
the galaxy
the sea, the sea itself
perhaps reacting, disturbing the galaxy

The greater disturbance comes from the galaxy 'rest state' bulk
hulking through the fields of high frequency vibrations.
Matter, and energy, co-existing, working together,
each separate, yet mutally involved, the
rest state 'bulk' matter causing
changes in vibrational
frequency and
the energy
field causing
stars to form and
vanish in stupendous
explosions (nova and spernova)
and helps orchestrate the creation and flow of
arms by resistence in motions through the fields of energy.


One un-answered question ... is the energy field (gravitic vibrations) created
by the galaxy's far reaching gravity? Or does the far reaching rest state
gravitation (bulk) excite another field into manifestations of gravitic
vibrations big enough to be recorded by camera. We already know
that bulk can amplify gravitic vibrations - the intruder
event of Images 1 to 5. We do not see that gravitic
vibrations caused the event, or steered the
intruder into its crash site. We do
not know if gravitic vibrations
existed in more fundamental
fabrics of deep space
before the galaxy
(or the intruder)
arrived. We shall
see in time. Quantum
physics on a cosmic scale
is looming over the horizon searing
in thoughts that will replace quantum physics
with something greater, more harmonious. I have done
homework for you. I would like at this time to retire

Conclusions ... the excited gravitic path cannot tell us if the intruder
which in the past impacted the outer flank of M101 came in across from
the right and carried on upward and away, or visa versa. The only
certainty is that a large intruder excited high frequency
gravitic vibrations into amplifications made of
lower more forcefully energetic base waves
The fundamental scene out there (the
universe) is sonic

the biggest
gravity waves? Wave
thickness is suggested as
translating into strongest power
(in amplitude). Off the east shore of
M101 where the tympani is, the strongest
boldest, thickest gravity waves are seen in
a local show of large dominant moire, lower
frequency, but much greater power. Which
raises the question of which came
first, the chicken or the
egg. Did the event(s)
which caused the
the strong
local gravity waves,
or have events at the tympani
been caused by the waves. Instinct suggests
the tympani causing event has re-enforced by harmonic
resonances the high frequency waves already there, creating a
new class of waves of much stronger lower frequency, exactly
the same as a high C note on the piano resonating and
amplifying the lowest C note on the piano, the
cascading cross harmonic resonation
between high to low C when
sufficient energy is
available to
the low
notes into action

Image 3-a

Image 4-a

Image 5-a

Image 5-c

The waves
occupy different
planes in space. This can
be seen in Image 5-c, in which all the
waves are seen not to occupy a single plane.But
view is difficult due to sprintling (image shimmers in
attempt to focus ultra fine lines in a stable 3D). Image
5-a has equal widths and sprintling is gone. But so is
the understanding that the waves are infused (spread
apart) through the field of stereo depth. It is
like your hair, a mono photo shows all hair
occupying one plane, 3D shows your
hair a tangle of strands
waving in breezes
your head.
Now do not
be amateurish
and conclude that every
strand of hair seen in Image 5-c is a
gravitic wave. What you can see best are strands in
groups of very fine lines, formed in cohesive
planes rotated at odd angles one group
to another. Otherwise, some of
the fine line imaging
is spurious

If you need any of the images, you can get them from this table

Image 3-a small (550 x 571) darker
Image 3-a small (550 x 571) bright
Image 4-a small (550 x 568)
Image 5-a small (550 x 585)

Image 3-a large (1712 x 1776) darker
Image 3-a large (1712 x 1776) bright
Image 4-a large (1824 x 1884)
Image 5-a large (2101 x 2233)

The above images are histograms made from the following:

Image 3-a large (1712 x 1776)
Image 4-a large (1824 x 1884)
Image 5-a large (2101 x 2233)

The thugshots
(small panels) were
made by screen captures in
image editing program Paint Shop Pro.
The histrogram versions were each previewed in the
'color' adjuster, where each concentrated view was screen captured

Alternative amplified gravitic vibes set

Image 3-b

Image 4-b

Image 5-b

image found
forgotten in another
directory in the PC has a
show of the sea of events, showing
amplification in better clarity than the
above sequences and panels. Rather than redo the
whole thing, here is the other image, plus the original
full size (large 3500 x 3436). There are valleys of different
colors (reddish), and areas more bluish. These may be revealing
large scale variances (differences) in gravitic energy
frequencies. See BLARE for more

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Click here for small (800 x 863)
Click here for large (3500 x 3438)

Image 8
was good
enough that I was
able to discern a definative
motion for M101 by quick analysis of the
gravitic wave densities and compressions, the results
above under 'Sea of discovery'. One main motion of M101
is a counter clockwise rotation. Another is a drift
westward,on a slight downward cant. A third
is a flip in the air like a frisbee
end over end in this case
a guess that the
leftside is
the right
side rising up.
Westerly drift was easy
enough to infer, the gravitics are
all smaller on the western side, spread wider
apart and lines thicker on the eastern side, ergo western
drift. The flip of the flapjack not so easy in lack of really good
stereo distinction separating the lines in stacking in 3D space, the
intuition, the hunch, suggests spreading on the eastern edge due
to the eastern edge lifting up, tightening on the western
edge due to the western edge dropping down, but, as
said, hunch here not keen IQ just a hunch

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